Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Septic system failure & repair June 2016

Sometime back last summer I noticed there was a sinkhole behind the shrubbery under our bedroom window up against the foundation of the house. I called Michael's attention to this and kind of left it to him to decide how urgently it needed to be dealt with. Honestly I was probably too busy with the garden and riding the horses to think too much about it.

Winter came and went and we got some snowfall then a lot of rain. The first time I went behind the shrubbery to install the hoses for spring I was shocked at how big the hole had gotten and showed Michael. It was actually big enough that I started thinking it might be a hazard - as in someone might fall into it!

Finally weeks later the much awaited day of Michael & Kane's departure for fishing in Canada for a week had come. Interestingly, all of the toilets in the house and both bathtubs started behaving strangely that morning: burping, making bubbly noises and then all of the drains stopped working. We plunged and things seemed to clear up but that didn't last long ... Luckily I had made a Monday 8am appointment w the plumber for him to come by and give us a hand.