Sunday, September 08, 2013

Prairie Corner Farm - Horse Stall Signs

The horses at Prairie Corner Farm all have their own, custom-made, stall signs. Not that they spend much time in stalls, but we couldn't let that stop us from making sure everyone had a stall sign.

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Clyde's stall sign is one of the cutest; made from a photo of Clyde

Dax's stall sign from when Elaine was using him for Pony Club, she was into the "punk plaid" back then.

Junior's stall sign; although I provided a photo and advised the painter that he was something of a  homely pony, this is the sign we got back.

Sugar's games pony stall sign. Very cute, by a local person.

Noble's "anime" stall sign, with dragon wing behind. By the same person who did Sugar's sign.

I love Lucy stall sign. Lady Luxury, LuLu, Lucy. Our most favorite pony of all time. Sadly no longer with us.

Lovag's stall sign. The children all seem to be completely unable to see the jump as a wide oxer.

Troika's stall sign. Super cool, by the same local person who did Sugar and Noble's stall signs.

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