Friday, June 07, 2013

Water Garden, month #1 (May 2013)

My husband Michael and our three kids, dog, and two horses moved into this house June 2005. We had our fish pond built behind our bedroom window shortly thereafter, planted the plants from our old house and brought our five year old goldfish home to live.

Then, we did nothing. For eight years.

Thank goodness for the best pond builder on the planet: Joe Hoffman ( He built us such a great pond that it survived just fine for those eight years ... so fine that it took me only three full days off work the first week of May to pull it into relatively "ready for the season" condition.

BTW: We now have only one child living at home full-time, two children in college, two dogs, two cats and six horses (having acquired and lost several here and there along the way of the feline and equine species.)

We hope you enjoy the photos we took of the pond's first week of maintenance in eight years. All photos taken on May 3, 2013. In the interest of not thoroughly disgusting myself we did not take any "before" photos ;-)

Veggie filter



The pond, in its entirety

Pond and barn

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