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Warlock the black cat found us November 2013

The story of the stray cat who adopted us just before one of the worst winters in Chicagoland on record. Below zero temps almost daily, feet of snow, ice storms, sleet, hail. It was an ugly winter for cats living outside. But not this stray cat. This stray cat, who started out sleeping on hay piles and eating mice, now four months later sleeps on satin pillows and delicately nibbles wet cat food from crystal bowls. This is the story of Warlock.

Warlock's story, in photos. 

November 12, 2013: We just noticed there's a strange cat living in our barn. Hm.
December 1, 2013: Strange cat is strangely friendly; rubs up against everyone and purrs. Hm.
December 11, 2013: We have given the strangely friendly cat a name. Warlock. And Warlock would like to come into the house, please. It is -20F outside.
December 28, 2013: Warlock is still living in the barn. This does not last long - it continues to be below 0F most days and the snow comes every 3rd day at minimum. 3rd worst winter in Chicago history.
We knew there were going to be problems trying to get Agent and Warlock to get along. Agent is a bit older and has been in charge of Prairie Corner Farm for many years; he is uninterested in subjugating his responsibilities to the younger and stronger cat. Here they are on Dec 12th in the barn.
January 6, 2014: Warlock is now living in the garage and coming into the house for short visits. Warlock has recently been neutered and had his first round of vaccinations.
January 7, 2014: We attempted to introduce Warlock to Sascha to no avail. As it turned out, Sascha had FIP and was gone only a couple of weeks after this photo was taken :-(
January 9, 2014: Warlock has been allowed to visit the basement during the day, but still living in the garage. It is the winter of 2014 and it is below 0F most days and snowing. Not for cats to be outside. We have determined by this point that the black cat is very, very friendly and really likes Kane.
January 17, 2014: Warlock is getting his boosters, having been neutered and vaccinated two weeks before. Yes, he is laying upside down and purring with great enthusiasm. He really likes it when we pay attention to him.
January 17, 2014: Warlock is getting his boosters, having been neutered and vaccinated two weeks before. At Crossroads Veterinary Clinic; this is the first day I noticed Sascha is not feeling well.
January 18, 2014: Warlock now owns the basement and no one else gets to go down there.
January 18, 2014: Warlock now owns the basement and no one else gets to go down there. He loves his blue blanky.
Jan 19, 2014: Warlock and MGP mirror each other's sleeping posture during another freezing cold Sunday while watching football in the basement.
Warlock and Roscoe had some time getting to know each other but after these initial meetings they were inseparable.Video taken in mid-Feb 2014.
Feb 5, 2014: Blizzard and unreal cold outside. Sascha has just this morning died of FIP. Everyone is traumatized except Warlock, who is pleased to be there for everyone who needs a purring cat on their lap.
February 28, 2014: Warlock and Roscoe have not just made a truce they have a love story. These two just cannot get enough of each other. Very cute.
Feb 28,. 2014: Black cat is cool.
March 7, 2014: For whatever reason Warlock has a thing for the blue lizard I keep on the shelf above my computer.
March 4, 2013: Kane's new routine is to run downstairs to greet the big black cat every day after school at 355pm. Warlock loves this time and runs to Kane as soon as he hears the basement door open. Roscoe, never to be left out, on this day attempts to steal a little bit of lap from Warlock during Kane time.
March 8, 2014: In mid Feb I started pruning the trees and shrubs. It was good therapy dealing with the loss of yet another kitten. One day Agent would get to hang out with me while I gardened and the next day Warlock would get to hang out. This is Warlock helping me prune the crab apples. Our entire lives at this point are about managing and keeping cats separated. Sascha has been gone for about a month; it's been hard.
March 11, 2014: It's hard to get photos of the black cat. Another pruning day outside - good photo of the black cat.
March 14, 2014: We tried to get Warlock and Agent to get along. Agent is the King of this property. It is obvious from this photo that Warlock would like the job. Therein is where the problem between the two of them start and end. Warlock is at least 1.5X the size of Agent and years younger. Agent will never give in. Warlock has to find a new home, sadly. Elaine is rubbing her hands together with glee.
March 14, 2014: Warlock and Agent cannot work out their differences. We are waiting to make sure the FIP virus is over and enough time passes to take Warlock to Elaine in Chicago. Meanwhile he loves to hang out in the window well while I am working.
Warlock didn't really like going outside all that much, unlike Agent, but sometimes I'd force him to come to the barn with me for chore time. Video on March 28, 2014
March 17, 2014: Warlock in his window well while I am working. It's still f'ing cold outside.
March 22, 2014: Warlock is moving to Elaine's apartment in a few days. He is super cool and we're going to miss him.
March 26, 2014: Warlock in Elaine's room at her apt in Wicker Park
April 1, 2014: Warlock is an apt cat in Wicker Park now.
April 5, 2014: Warlock is fully integrated and adjusted in his new home in Wicker Park (Chicago IL) with my older daughter, Elaine, who could not be happier with how everything worked out :-)

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